Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I work at a bank, so for the past few weeks we've had a 300% increase in incoming call volume due to the Economic Stimulus payments being direct deposited into our customers' accounts. We were all so tired of hearing about it, so I decided to write a poem to help lighten the mood in my workplace. Enjoy!

Stimulus Check
by Brian B

We'll all hang nooses 'round our necks
If we hear one more word about Stimulus Checks.
The people in charge came up with great plans
To save the people of our lands.
They raise our hopes and make real our dreams...
At least to me that's how it seems.
The nation calls day after day
And what we get to hear them say
Is "When the 'blank' should I expect
To get my 'blankety blank blank' check?".
We feel their pain, we hear their cries;
We comfort them with simple lies.
We pray to all the stars above
That they will go to IRS.GOV
And see it is not we who measure
Whether or not they receive their treasure.
These past three weeks, Brian admits,
Have absolutely been the pits.
I won't be sorry, not one speck,
Once everyone gets their Stimulus Check.


valerie said...

That's too cute!
Now, when did you say our's should be in? :) Just kiddin'!

Kristen said...

Love it....again!

Laura said...

Hi, brian! i'm a regular at your mom and sister's blogs. had to come and check you out! have to agree, you have a great family. you also crack me up, and definitely have a unique voice. just a comment about the "i guess when you get older" statement on your previous post: you ain't seen nothin' yet, youngster!
have fun in bloggy world. your blog looks awesome!