Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Heart Wild Animals...

My Mini Wildlife Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of going to Tiger Safari in Tuttle, OK to check out the wild creatures which inhabit it. I have always loved animals. They are like tiny furry people who can't speak human languages. One of the coolest things about the zoo or any place that keeps and takes care of wildlife is that most of these animals are from other parts of the world that we may never have the opportunity to visit. Most of the animals out there are or have been pets. Can you imagine having a pet cougar??? That's what I am talking about. Too bad they tend to go Sigfried and Roy on you or I would have a pet Tiger in a heart beat. I wish they could make a teacup tiger like the little hand held poodles.

White Fallow Deer - They really, REALLY like graham crackers.

A Ring-Tailed Lemur & baby Ring-tail who wouldn't leave his stuffed
animal behind.

Little American Alligator

A baby Fennec Fox... I love him... I want one... but I couldn't watch tv very loud. :(

Ahh, yes. The Bengal Tiger. Kid love's the chicken wings... medium raw.

Possibly my favorite animal, the white Bengal Tiger. They are inbred
and have large potential to be cross-eyed.

A Golden Tabby Tiger. About half his potential size. Loves water. Check out them fangs!

Cougar, or, Mountain Lion, or, Puma, or Panther...
There's like 200 names for this guy.

A Serval. Only cat with stripes and spots.

And then there is the most fearsome creature of all... The dreaded LARGE Mouth Bass... AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Just Kidding. I actually caught this little guy on a lure last weekend. I wish i could say that this was God's giant hand holding the biggest bass ever seen, but alas... it is my hand and this was barely bigger than a minnow. :)