Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fish Fry Weekend

This weekend went by in a blur. It seemed like I had something planned for every single second. Fiday night a guy I work with wanted to go to the casino. We aren't addicted to gambling and luckily both of us have our heads on straight so we only take a little money and leave our debit cards at home. There are always a million things going on at the casino anyway. There are live bands that play cover songs (not bad) and people watching is one of my favorite things to do too. I didn't have any luck (not surprising) and he won a little bit. We decided to sit in the bar area and watch the end of the Kansas vs South Florida football game.

Now for the people in the casino. I hate to say it, but you can tell who are able to go to the casino and lose money and those people who are wasting their lives and money in the casino day after day in hopes of winning big. It's sad to me. Since I work at a bank I see that many of the people I speak to get social security checks. Then I see large ATM withdrawals. When they can't remember where the ATM withdrawals are I have to look up the addresses for them and 9 times out of 10 it is at a casino. I once saw a lady at the casino with an oxygen tank. I thought it was sad that she had to be around all of the smoke until I saw her light one up. I wondered if she knew how flammable oxygen was.

I don't really like to be noticed, especially at the casino. The people who sit by you are always looking over your shoulder when they hear the pleasant sounds of 75 cents being won thinking you are gonna hit it big and how they should have sat one seat to the right. I want to say that over 80 percent of the people in the casinos are giving dirty looks to everyone. They should be putting there money in a savings account or doing something more productive with their lives. Of course, I would tell them that and then they would win mutiple millions on their next spin.

Saturday, I wanted to get up early and go fishing before it rained. I went to a pond owned by a sweet lady I work with. I didn't have much luck the last time I went so I stopped by and got some minnows. I got out there a little later than I wanted but it was cloudy so I thought I would definitely catch some fish. I caught a tiny crappie and threw him back in. I wasn't having any luck so I moved to a different spot. Needless to say, I didn't catch anything else before it started pouring down rain. I sat on a bench under this little covered patio they have until it was barely sprinkling and made the 1/4 mile trek back to my car.

I drove to Shawnee to meet up with my family and some of their friends at a fish fry that they have every year. It was a pretty good time. I wasn't feeling very well so I was quiet most of the time. I am actually not that quiet when I know everyone but there were some people there I didn't know very well. We had fish, okra, hush puppies, quail, hashbrown casserole (thanks, mom!), and some other stuff. Of course I ate more than I should have but it was worth it.

Around 6:00, I told everyone goodbye and drove back to Norman to watch the OU game at a friend's house. I decided that I looked and smelled like a vagrant so I went home and took a shower real quick. When I showed up at my friend Teresa's house everyone turned and yelled out "Bri" when I walked in the door. I like these people because they always make me feel like I am accepted, and they are a lot of fun. They scream at the tv and give high fives. Right after I walked in OU fumbled and everyone thought they lost possession. All 12 of them turned and looked at me and told me to get out and that I was bad luck. They were kidding and luckily Washington was offsides so OU didn't really lose the ball... I stayed over there for a while and then came home to go to sleep. I was so exhausted. I turned on the tv and fell asleep on the couch before my movie even got through the opening credits.

I woke up earlier than I wanted to on Sunday. I stood up and made a bowl of cereal. I haven't found a church that I like yet in Norman so I like to get up and read my Bible on Sunday mornings when I don't go and think about what my grandpa would preach about certain things. I fell asleep again on and off throughout the day while watching football. Somewhere in there I ate a couple of tuna salad sadnwiches and did some laundry. Sunday was a lazy day but I had better get off here and finish cleaning up my house.



valerie said...

I'm glad you were able to come to our fish fry. Sorry I wasn't feeling too well either. I wasn't my usual fun, perky self. :(
I'm glad you made it safe and sound back to Norman and glad you had fun watching the game with friends.
Today the weather was perfect. I had all the windows open. It was my favorite kind of day!
Have a good week. Keep on bloggin'!!!
Love you,

Jon and Steph said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I do miss those OU Football games! Sorry you didn't catch any fish, that sucks but at least you got to do some relaxing this weekend. Hope you're feeling better! Talk to you soon